What can a chiropractor help with?

Ever Wonder What a Chiropractor Can Do For You?

If you feel pain in your joints or muscles, pulled a muscle, have been involved in an accident of any kind, you should visit a chiropractor near you. In Warren, OH, Core Chiropractic Center led by Dr. Novicky, can provide the chiropractic care you not only need but deserve.  At Core Chiropractic Center we see patients of many varieties. Some patients experience acute pain, others pain can stem from a sports injury, personal injury, or auto injury. Other patients experience chronic pain that may be a result of a health condition, such as degenerative disk disease or rheumatoid arthritis. But no matter what the pain is from or if someone comes in for better wellness, we are here to help!

Treating Whiplash Caused by an Auto Injury

Since in the case of whiplash, although the degree of joint dysfunction will differ from person to person, our chiropractic will conduct a full examination of our patient. This may involve observing the patient's posture to check for misalignment in the neck. The examination is to check to see if the neck to observe if there is tightness or tenderness.  Once the whiplash has been found, any of the following or a combination of treatments can help relieve the discomfort:

  • spinal adjustments or manipulations to alleviate pain
  • muscle relaxing or stimulating treatments to stretch tense muscles
  • physical therapy to strengthen muscles and maintain neck stability

A Chiropractor Near You in Warren, OH

One of the main tenets of chiropractic care is that the body wants to heal itself, but chronic pain has the tendency, to get in the way of healing. Which is why we suggest visiting a chiropractor near you. Luckily if you are in Warren, Ohio, Core Chiropractic Center is the center that will help you alleviate your discomfort.   If you are in pain and need help not only with pain management but with correcting your total body alignment we can help. Our goal is to get our patients back on their feet and feeling relief.  For a chiropractor near you, call (330) 717-3550 to schedule an appointment today. We will show you how a chiropractor can help you find the relief you seek!


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