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Pain Management from Core Chiropractic Center

Among the most common reasons why people seek medical care, pain is at the top. Some people develop acute pain that follows a traumatic accident. Other people may live with some degree of chronic pain nearly every day of their lives. When someone is dealing with pain, this impacts their physical abilities, emotional state, and relationships with others. For this reason, it is critical for everyone to have a reliable approach to pain management. That is what patients get when they come to see chiropractor Dr. Novicky with Core Chiropractic Center in Warren, OH.


The Principles of Pain Management at Core Chiropractic Center

When it comes to comprehensive pain management, there are a few guiding principles that direct everything that we do. In an effort to construct detailed treatment plans for all of our patients, we strive to:

Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is one of the core reasons why people develop chronic pain. This inflammation is responsible for the destruction of bones, joints, and cartilage while also leading to redness, swelling, and warmth. If we are able to control inflammation, we will immediately make patients more comfortable.

Improve Support: In order to ease the stress that is placed on bones, muscles, joints, and tendons, we need to improve support. To do this, we will come up with a program that involves corrective exercises and physical therapy. This will go a long way toward improving strength, flexibility, and mobility. In this fashion, we can help everyone increase the amount of support around targeted areas.

Limit Side Effects: Those who have dealt with chronic pain have likely been on narcotic or opioid medications in the past. They may have even undergone one or more surgical procedures. These pain management options can lead to dangerous side effects. At Core Chiropractic Center, we work to limit these side effects. We believe that there are natural, holistic methods that can help individuals and their family members manage pain and discomfort.

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By following these principles, everyone will have a chance of handling his or her pain in a comprehensive manner. At Core Chiropractic Center, we work hard to make sure that we are up to date on the newest and most innovative treatment options in our field. We believe that by taking this approach, we are placing our patients in the best position to be successful. Let us do the same for you. Nobody should have to live their life in chronic pain. To learn more about how we can help you, please reach out to us today at 330-717-3550.


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